ACTICOAT Flex 3 Antimicrobial Barrier Dressing 8"x16" (6/BX)

Smith & Nephew Acticoat™ Flex 3 Antimicrobial Barrier Dressing with Silcryst Nanocrystals 8" x 16", Highly Flexible, Low Adherent (6BX 4BX/CS)

Smith & Nephew Acticoat Flex 3 Antimicrobial Barrier Dressing with Silcryst Nanocrystals consists of a flexible, low-adherent polyester layer coated with Nanocrystalline Silver. It is a highly conformable dressing that follows the body contours to maintain contact with the wound surface. The low-adherent properties of the dressing help minimize wound trauma at dressing changes.

  • Nanocrystalline coating of pure silver delivers antimicrobial barrier activity within 30 minutes.
  • Compatible as a wound contact layer with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) for a period of up to 3 days.
  • Open weave structure facilitates the passage of fluid through the dressing and wicks away excess exudate.
  • Polyester substrate helps manage moisture level and control silver release.
  • Effective barrier which may assist in preventing contamination of the wound.
  • Versatile dressing that can be cut to the desired shape and size to wrap around all body parts.
  • Sustained release of silver also means fewer dressing changes, resulting in less exposure of the wound bed to the environment.
  • Provides potent, fast-acting, and long-lasting antimicrobial barrier control.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Provides 3-day wear time.

ITEM #: SMN00418

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