MED Products

UNITED Medical Supply Company is dedicated to providing top of the line medical supplies and equipment with precision delivery and customer care.

Advanced Wound & Skin Care

The UNITED Medical Supply Company Advanced Wound Care product line provides your facility with reliable and affordable solutions for burn, chronic and acute wound care.

Central Sterile

We know the cleanliness and safety of your equipment, staff and patients is a top priority. That’s why UNITED Medical Supply provides a variety of products to protect the ones that matter most.

Exam Gloves

UNITED Medical Supply understands you and your staff require medical exam gloves that fit your needs for protection, fit and comfort. That’s why we offer a wide variety of medical exam gloves.

Incontinence Care

Our incontinence products provide the best offer the best absorbent bladder protection because UNITED Medical Supply understands comfort and security are concerns for men and women living with incontinence.

Nursing & Patient Care

The commitment of UNITED Medical Supply providing nursing & patient care products and supplies is second to none. All our nursing and patient care products are available to meet the needs of your staff and patients.

Patient & Professional Apparel

UNITED Medical Supply understands quality, which is why our patient and medical professional apparel provide the comfort, design and quality you and your patients deserve.

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