Passy Muir PMA 2000 Tracheostomy Oxygen Adapter (1/EA)

The Passy Muir PMA 2000 Oxygen Adapter is small, lightweight, clear in color and easily snaps onto the PMV 2000 (Clear) and PMV 2001 (Purple Color) Valves. The PMA 2000 allows for easy delivery of supplemental low flow oxygen (<6L/min) and humidity. Patients can improve their mobility and comfort by utilizing the PMA 2000 with oxygen tubing and a small portable oxygen tank, eliminating the need for bulky aerosol tubing. When using the PMA 2000, oxygen is delivered in front of the diaphragm of the Passy Muir Valve. This reduces complications associated with devices that provide continuous flow behind the diaphragm of a speaking valve, which may include air trapping, drying of secretions and possible cilia damage.

ITEM #: PMIA2000

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