BED SENSOR PAD 10x30 - 1 YR (1/EA)

Caregivers use these fall prevention (exit alarms) devices to know when a resident is attempting to exit a bed without assistance.
The bed exit alarm monitor will sound an alert when the patient removes pressure from the bed sensor pad, alerting a caregiver that help is needed. The bed exit alarm has a reset button to quickly silence the alert without ever turning it off; so the system is always ready for use.
Place the bed sensor pad on the bed, under the fitted sheet. Run the cord of the bed pad along the side of the mattress and plug the phone-like clip into the bed alarm monitor. The bed alarm monitor can be placed at the side of the resident's bed or headboard.
The bed sensor pad can be placed under the hips of the resident or for an early warning, place the bed sensor pad across the shoulder blades. When the resident sits up, the bed alarm monitor will sound to alert the caregiver.


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