Opticell Gelling Fiber Wound Dressing .75X18 (5/BX)


    • Opticell® wound dressing uses a unique gelling ChytoformTM technology that allows the absorbent fibers of the dressing to transform into a clear and conformable gel
    • The unique gelling action helps manage drainage and remove dead, damaged and infected tissue from the wound, trapping it for later removal at the dressing change
    • The ChytoformTM technology wicks fluid only vertically, not laterally, helping to reduce the risk of periwound maceration
    • Opticell's conformable and thin profile provides optimal contact with the wound
    • Although Opticell is designed specifically for moderate to heavily draining wounds, it can also be pre-moistened for effective use on dry or lightly draining wounds
    • Indications: Partial and full-thickness wounds; 1st- and 2nd- degree burns; Diabetic foot ulcers; Venous stasis ulcers; Arterial ulcers and leg ulcers of mixed etiology; pressure injuries; Surgical wounds; Donor sites
  • ITEM #: MLMSC7818EPZ

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